Community Car Scheme
Community Car Scheme

With the loss of two drivers in June the Scheme is fighting to survive.
Please consider if you could help this valuable service
Call Tel - 07767 063 986 for information

March 2014
Breakdown of journeys undertaken by the Community Car Scheme during the months of January and Febuary 2014 are as follows:

Belton 30
Browston 2
Burgh Castle 3
Fritton 3
St Olaves 2

Belton 28
Browston 2
Burgh Castle 2
Fritton 4
St Olaves 3

Unfortunately in February one of our drivers returned to Sussex to live near his family.
However, we have been fortunate in recruiting another driver. She has received all
clearances and is now driving for us.
On 25 February we held a Steering Group Meeting at the JGI Belton. The next meeting
will be held on 1 July.
On Tuesday 18 March the Administrator/Secretary attended a Transport Forum in Gt
Yarmouth accompanied by our Chairperson and one of our Volunteer Drivers. Parish
Councils were also invited to this event. We did learn two very interesting facts.
Firstly, there are 75 community transport schemes operating in Norfolk, 49 of which are
members of the NCTA. Secondly, it is calculated the value of these schemes in
volunteer hours, using the current minimum wage hourly rate, equates to £250,000.
On Tuesday 25 March the Administrator/Secretary was visited by the Great Yarmouth
Development Officer, Norfolk Rural Community Council. Over the past two years, this
post has been funded by the Big Lottery and this funding is coming to an end on 31
March. To support a bid for further funding evidence of the liaison between the post
holder and the CCS was provided and an Evaluation Sheet completed.
If you wish to use our services or are interested in becoming a Volunteer Driver, contact
details are as below. They are also available from your Parish Council and are
advertised in the Gt Yarmouth Mercury and The Village Voice.
Tel - 07767 063 986
Email -

Farewell to Reg
Friends and Colleagues of the Five Villages Community Car Scheme met recently at The Cliff Hotel, Gorleston for Afternoon Tea and to say a fond farewell to one of their drivers – Reg Richardson who is leaving Belton to return to Sussex to live near his family.

Reg joined the Car Scheme in September 2012 and soon became a popular colleague and friend to his “clients”. Reg would always be available to take people to wherever they wanted to go. He was always, polite, friendly and extremely helpful to users of the Scheme and everyone appreciated him enormously. He would always go “the extra mile” to ensure his “clients” were collected on time and to take them to their destinations. He would always take people to their Clinics at the local Hospital, and wait in the Cafe for whenever they were ready to go home. He was an absolute STAR and will be greatly missed by his colleagues and everyone who knew him. He is a credit to himself and it was our great pleasure to have “worked” with him. We all wish him good luck and much happiness for the future. Thank You Reg.

Next meeting at the JGI on 25th February at 5pm. All welcome

The Five Villages Community Car Scheme commenced serving the communities of Belton, Browston, Burgh Castle, Fritton and St Olaves in March 2011.

This voluntary run Scheme provides transport to shops, local doctors' surgeries, dental, opticians, hospital and social appointments plus anywhere else our clients request. The general operating area is destinations within those villages plus journeys up to a maximum of 12 miles distant. In special circumstances and at the discretion of drivers, journeys may be undertaken outside these areas. The Scheme normally operates within the hours of 8am – 6pm Mondays-Fridays, but again journeys can be undertaken outside these hours, at the discretion of drivers. Residents can make requests by ringing 07767 063 986 between the above hours. There is an ansaphone facility and all calls are responded to as soon as possible.

From humble beginnings in early 2011 the Scheme is now a very professional voluntary organisation operating under the umbrella of Belton with Browston Parish Council who provide Public Liability Insurance and with the full support of both Burgh Castle and Fritton & St Olaves Parish Councils. The CCS has been Risk Assessed to comply with requirements. All three Parish Councils ring fence donations each year to enable the Scheme to continue to work for the benefit of all five communities served. The Scheme continues to receive support from the Norfolk Rural Communities Council, Age Concern and also has contact with Voluntary Norfolk.

We have joined the Norfolk Community Transport Association (NCTA). The NCTA is an independent charity and company limited by guarantee. The Co-Ordinator reports to her board, which at the moment consists of three community transport operators and one independent person. They are funded by Norfolk County Council and based at County Hall, but like other funded organisations they have a clear remit for what they do with finances and the Co-Ordinator sees herself as accountable to members of the Association and not to Norfolk County Council.

Working closely with NCC means that the NCTA is able to keep on top of what the Council is doing and know where to seek help when necessary - for example with organising free DBS (formerly CRB) checks for members. They also provide Driver Handbooks, H&S & Insurance Advice, Training & Development and HR Support. The Chairperson and Administrator/Secretary have met with the Co-Ordinator and we are positive our membership of this Association will be advantageous to us.

Gt Yarmouth Borough Council recently requested that our Car Scheme be a Case Study and in particular, its contribution to the local community. The Chairperson and Administrator/Secretary met with Charlotte Stannard, Gt Yarmouth Development Officer, Norfolk Rural Community Council in October and were able to provide her with a considerable amount of evidence to meet the requirements of the Case Study and to prove our valuable contribution to the local community.

We have extended our inclusion on the Heron Website which is run by the NHS.

Our Steering Group meets regularly to discuss how best to improve our service and working practices. We have our own Bank Account and Constitution and operate under a “Drivers' Responsibilities” document which Volunteer Drivers are more than happy to adhere to. The Scheme currently has eleven volunteer drivers, all DBS (formerly CRB) checked.

We have our regular “clientèle” who if not already, are becoming good friends. We are always more than happy to welcome new “passengers” and look forward to meeting those of you who may have thought about using our services but for whatever reason, have not done so as yet. Please feel very welcome to give us a call, we are only too willing to assist you with your transport requirements. It only costs 45p per mile.

As with all voluntary organisations we are always very happy to welcome other people who would like to join our team as drivers. If anyone is interested in joining us, albeit for only one day a week, please contact for further information, thank you,

We aim to serve the local community to the best of our ability. Why not give us a call on:

07767 063 986


The numbers of requests for drivers in November and December 2013 were 30 and 42 respectively. These are excellent results and we are pleased that residents feel confident and happy to use our services.

We did receive one enquiry from a gentleman regarding becoming a Volunteer Driver. He was sent explanatory information and also forms to complete but unfortunately he did not persue the matter further. We think it was possibly because he lived in Bradwell. We informed him that Bradwell Parish Council did not support our Scheme and consequently we did not accept requests from residents in Bradwell.

The next meeting of our Steering Group is Tuesday 25 February 2014 at 5.00 pm at The John Green Institute, Belton. If you are interested in attending, you would be made most welcome.

If you wish to use our services or are interested in becoming a Volunteer Driver, contact details are as below. They are also available from your Parish Council and are advertised in the Gt Yarmouth Mercury and The Village Voice.

Tel - 07767 063 986

Or go to contact page and leave your message

Contact Web Site Please leave any comments or volunteer to help

November 2013 - Report

The number of requests for drivers for September and October were 32 and 43 (plus 3 cancellations) respectively. These are excellent results, the October result being our best ever. It is possible that this can be attributed to the “flu jab” campaign, but even taking this into consideration, it is still an amazing result.

Our application to join the Norfolk Community Transport Association (NCTA) has been accepted and we are now in regular contact with Nicky Stevenson, our Co-Ordinator at Norfolk County Council.

We have recruited another driver in Fritton. Although she is only able to cover Wednesday, Thursday, and alternate Tuesday afternoons, this is still a great help. We would be very pleased to hear from any other residents who would like to join our team. We are particular low on drivers for Mondays and if anyone could cover that one day, it would be extremely helpful, thank you.

Our Festive Season Hours of Duty will be published in the December editions of The Hexagon, The Village Voice, Fritton Post Office and have already been distributed to the three Parish Clerks for posting on Parish Council Notice Boards. There are also available on the Web Site.

We can be contacted on – 07767 063 986


September 2013

To book a car for a medical visit etc call 07767063986 between 9am and 5 pm Monday to Friday

Next community meeting at the JGI Tuesday 3rd September at 5pm
Come along and be part of the group.

The demand for lifts is at a constant level and often with only one or two drivers available it is not possible to provide the service. We always need more drivers.
To spread the load fairly we need to have another three to five drivers on our books. To volunteer you need to:-
- Ring or email any of the contacts below
- Undertake a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check ( This is for your benefit, as well as the passengers) There is no charge to the driver for this.
- Check with your Insurance Company that you can be a ・volunteer driver・ under your existing policy. ( Most companies are only to happy to help, we have a standard letter you can send to them)
However, perhaps most importantly do something for the community. Those people who currently use the service would not be able to get to the shops, doctors, dentists etc. without the scheme and it is very rewarding to be able to help.
Drivers are paid the maximum car allowance (45p per mile) allowed by HMRC, which they collect from the passenger.
There is no age limit to being a volunteer, all you need is a driving licence, access to a car some days of the week, and desire to help . Drivers would mostly undertake one or two journeys maximum in a week. Most of those would be to Gorleston or the surrounding area.
Why not come and join us.
Contact: Margaret on Tel: 01493 780126
Thank you

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