St Johns Road Rail Cottages

St. Johns Road Railway Homes

In 1962 my then husband and I bought the plot of land known as Brentwood. Previous to this the plot was owned or rented by “Bottles” Hunter. Gladys Brooks and family lived in the plot adjoining this, the brooks family had the use of the well on our plot and we still use the well today, the water is beautiful, it was pumped into the old cottage, which consisted of two carriages placed parallel to each other with a space between the two making a hall. The front of the carriage that faced the road was replaced by wooden panels and sash windows, almost like bay windows, there was a fire place in the lounge and roses grew up the chimney breast.

We fell in love with this unique little cottage, and wanted to keep it as it was, with some updating of course, but the council turned us down and much to or annoyance we had to take it down.

We hated doing it and always felt sad that something unique was lost forever, today it might have had the opposite ending. The council might have insisted we keep it just as it was, however we cannot put the clock back as much as we would like too. Over the years I have come to appreciate the plot as it is, and love it to bits. It has cost me a lot of unhappiness and a deal of heartache, but the peace and quiet, and lovely neighbours and space more than make up for losing the cottage. We have loved being here and part of Belton and would not change it for the world. We eventually moved in here in 1964 after spending many a freezing night in the cottage, (we put our beds on the floor) we had 3 small children to try and keep warm in the winter of 1963, it was a horrendous time but worth all the struggle and deprivation.

I am sorry I have no photographs of the cottage.

Mrs V. Pavitt