Village/Neighbourhood Plan

This Parish has not moved forward with a Neighbourhood Plan



A group of residents together with the Parish Council are in the process of formulating a Village Plan which will be the guide lines for the development of the village over the next 10 years and possibly beyond.
Part one, the questionnaire has now been completed and will be delivered to every household in the village at the end of October for completion and return. An on line version will be available as well.
When you receive the questionnaire please take time to complete it as the results will affect the structure of the village that you and your children will have in the future.
As you will see a prize for the Adult, Youth and Junior sections of all completed questionnaires will be awarded following a lucky draw of the questionnaire numbers returned.
Further information will be posted here as well as around the village over the coming weeks so watch for details.

Remember this is your village so have a say in its future.

You can read the plan in this pdf file or download a copy
Village Plan
I would like to take this opportunity of thanking everyone for their help and co-operation.
Liz Myhill.